Regions served:

Service :
At CRS Express we are serving every Canadian provinces and every States in the U.S.


Type of transportation:

Whether it is for separate load or full load, we have all the necessary equipments to well accompany you for the delivery of your product; whether it is in dry van, flatbed, step deck, legal or oversize detachable goose neck.

The team to trust is CRS Express.




  •             Dry van
  •             Flat bed 2 axles (48’ and 53’)
  •             Flat bed 3 axles (48’ and 53’)
  •             Step deck 2 axles (48’ and 53’)
  •             Step deck 3 axles (48’ and 53’)
  •             Double drop 2 extensible axles (regular)
  •             Double drop 3 extensible axles (regular)
  •             Detachable goose neck with 3 dollies


Warehousing service with more than 20 000 square feet is available for storing your product.  We can help you in order to store your material whether it is for one week or several months or all year long.  For more information all you have to do is communicate with the company.

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