View on the company:

At CRS Express, all our trucks are equipped with a tracking system so, this way we are ensuring you to follow your load to the minute.


All our drivers are trained in a way to well assure the tie-down of your freight in order to limit to the maximum breakages of your material.


Our dispatching team ensures you the follow-up of your load and makes sure of the delivery deadlines with your clientele because our goal is not only to do transportation but to well represent your company with you clientele.


Our employees:

At CRS Express, we are making sure that our drivers work in a friendly and convivial environment.  We are making sure to provide them with a working equipment in the highest levels of the field because it is very important for us that our drivers be happy in their tasks which most certainly reflects the quality of the service with your clientele.


Respect of the rules and regulations and of the environment:

At CRS Express, we are constantly working on improving the safety level of our fleet.  We have in our offices, resource persons who are following up very closely our maintenance, driving hours and tie-down files.  All our drivers are constantly in training so as to maintain and improve our excellent file as a fleet with the authorities.  All our trucks are equipped with generator and our drivers are trained so as to minimize the running of the engine (idle) so as to maintain healthy and pure environment and at the same time reduce the operating costs which is helping us to always offering you the best prices for transportation.

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